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Exceeding Expectations

At BioMAP, we  have been dedicated to mapping human biochemistry for body function analysis since 1976.

We continue to answer the need for a combination of effective natural therapies (nutritional, botanical, etc.). In serious and chronic health conditions, a multi-faceted approach is necessary. The steps necessary to shift biological imbalances are integrated in our biochemical, metabolic and organ function analysis. While we do not believe in the magic bullet myth, it is possible to combine various modalities and therapeutic interventions in one single program.

Your Biochemistry

 Individuality, history, and chemistry to analyze the physiological function of your body’s organs and systems.

Continued Support

You are not alone. We will support you in your journey to recovery, maintenance and well-being.

The Right Products

Proper assessment of your condition and needs is only half the answer. We also provide you with the right product solutions.

Metabolic Assessment Technology

Health Specifics Products

Prompted to elevate health and wellness, we use software technology to more accurately assess your current state of health. Just like a robot is able to perform surgery on a human body, we use algorithms to perform function analysis of your individualized chemistry and information. Finally, your report is multi-reviewed by a professional healthcare team.

Our professional healthcare practitioners realize how important it is to use therapeutic grade supplements. Luckily, we have Health Specifics. Together, we have the most complete health system to create health for you.

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